Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Suitable For Class A & F FiresThe wet chemical extinguisher is a new innovative type of fire extinguisher which is effective in extinguishing Class F fires which involve burning cooking oils and fats. They have been developed to combat deep fat fryer fires that could potentially occur in commercial kitchens and catering environments.

They can be recognised by their red extinguisher body with a yellow panel which states ‘wet chemical’, above the operating instructions. The extinguisher also has a unique long applicator which is used to disperse a foam layer over the surface instead of spraying the extinguisher agent onto the fat which would spread the burning fat, making the situation worse. The applicator also helps the user maintain a safe distance while trying to extinguish the fire.

As opposed to other fire extinguishers, the user should empty the full contents into the fire to enable the burning fat to cool. They have been specifically formulated for use on Class F fires such as cooking oil and fats. They are ideally suited for deep fat fryers over a 3 litre capacity and a 300mm diameter (fire blanket limits) and is suitable on Class A fires due to the water content. Fire blankets are a reliable alternative to tackling domestic fat fires.

One main disadvantage of having a wet chemical extinguisher is they are expensive to buy and refill in comparison with other extinguishers. Also, as they have a specific purpose, they are not suitable for other types of fire other than Class A fires involving solid materials if there is no other extinguisher available.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are ideally suited for use in restaurants, takeaways, cafes, pubs, mobile catering units and domestic kitchens.

How It Works?

A fine mist solution is sprayed, knocking down the flames instantly while the alkaline solution of potassium acetate reacts with the burning fat which forms a soapy crust, protecting it from oxygen and preventing the fire to reignite.

Features & Benefits

✓ The most efficient fire fighting agent for cooking fat fires (Class F)

✓ Fast water evaporation from oils surface which cools fire down

✓ Low pressure lance

✓ Applicator ensures the user always has a safe distance from the burning fats and oils

✓ Safe to use near electrical equipment

✓ There is no dry chemical to clean up after use

What’s Suitable?

They are designed for use on Class F fires such as deep fat fryers and burning oil which commonly occur in kitchens. They are also suitable for Class A fires such as paper wood and textiles, but their fire fighting ability for these fires is weak compared to other extinguishers.

The Risks

If other extinguishers are used on fires involving burning fats, the pressurised spray will cause the burning fat to splash and spill out onto surrounding surfaces, causing more damage and a higher risk to the user and other people.

It’s also worth noting that the area once sprayed can become slippery due to the chemicals in the extinguisher.