Specialist Metal Fire Extinguishers

Specialist Metal Fire Extinguishers Suitable For Class D FiresThese specialist fire extinguishers have been developed for Class D fires involving specific metals. They are designed specifically to fight combustible metal fires, such as aluminium, sodium and magnesium in the form of swarf (metal debris) or powder. Other fire extinguishers are not capable of handling the immense heat and chemical reaction of a metal fire.

All specialist powder fire extinguishers for use on metal fires are classed as powder extinguishers with the normal blue panel at the top of the red extinguisher body. The two types available on the market are the M28 and L2 extinguishers.

The M28 fire extinguisher is developed to handle a range of metal fires such as aluminium, magnesium and sodium. They have a specialised low velocity applicator to ensure that the powder is dispersed effectively on the metal fire to prevent extremely hot swarf from spreading. The M28 model is not suitable for lithium fire risks.

The L2 extinguisher has a special powder which can tackle lithium fires along with a range of combustible swarf or powder forms of metal fires. Like the M28 version, its comes equipped with a low velocity applicator to ensure maximum efficiency when the powder is dispersed.

How It Works?

These specialist extinguishers smother the fire with a non reactive agent, which forms a hard layer that stops oxygen from coming in to contact with the burning metals.

Features & Benefits

✓ Effective at extinguishing metal fires in the form of swarf or powder

✓ M28 extinguishers are suitable for a range of combustible metals

✓ L2 extinguishers are suitable for lithium fires along with other combustible metals

✓ Equipped with a low velocity applicator, so the powder is dispersed effectively

What’s Suitable?

They are both suitable on Class D fires which involve aluminium, sodium and magnesium in the form of swarf or powder.

Their specially designed applicator will disperse the powder over the fire which creates a seal to prevent burning metal from spreading.

The L2 extinguisher contains a powder which has been designed to used on fires involving lithium.

The Risks

They have a limited cooling effect, so the fire needs to be completely covered to prevent it reigniting.

When dry powder is dispersed it creates a dense cloud which can impair the users sight. This can cause problems with being able to see the effectiveness of the powder on the fire and also blocking the view of fire escapes.