Fire Extinguisher Placement

Fire Extinguisher PlacementFire extinguishers should be placed in noticeable positions that are available for immediate use and ideally fitted on brackets or stands to secure in place and to maximise visibility to everyone following an escape route.

To keep the extinguishers secure and for easier access, they should be mounted on wall brackets. If this is not practical  they should be placed within appropriate stands. If they are hung on the wall, the carrying handle of large extinguishers should be one metre from the floor, but small extinguishers should be hung so the carrying handle is one and a half metres from the floor. They should also be accessible within 30 metres from the site of a fire.

Its recommended that every fire extinguisher sited within a workplace or area should have the same method of operation and if meant for the same classes of fire, they all should be of the same appearance. Also if its practical, the extinguishers should be grouped together to form a fire point.

Fire extinguishers should be placed:

✓ In highly visible and easily accessible positions on brackets or stands

✓ Within escape routes and similar places if more than one floor

✓ Close to exits, corridors, landings, stairways and reception areas

Considerations when placing fire extinguishers:

✓ They should be located on escape routes

✓ The carrying handle should be one metre from the floor for larger models and one and a half metres for smaller models

✓ Located near the fire risk but not too close to restrict accessibility in the event of a fire

✓ Sited close to a door

✓ If more than one floor, located in same position

✓ If possible, all grouped together, forming a fire point

✓ Place away from areas of high temperatures

✓ Extinguishers should be placed within a 30 metre travelling distance from a fire

✓ If different types of extinguishers are located together they should have the appropriate signs to avoid confusion