Fire Blanket

Fire BlanketA fire blanket is a simple fire-fighting piece of equipment that’s manufactured in a fire-retardant material, usually glass wool. They are commonly used to tackle small contained fires such as cooking pan fires, small paper fires and barbecues. The larger fire blankets can also be used as a body wrap which is ideal for children and young adults in the event of a fire evacuation.

Predominantly only used in kitchens, fire blankets are a simple but effective instant fire-fighting tool for combating fires involving cooking oil and fat. They are only meant for small fires, so if you have a deep fat fryer over 3 litres, you should also have a wet chemical fire extinguisher alongside.

A fire blanket is still classed as a portable fire-fighting tool even though its not a fire extinguisher. The blanket is fully released from its container and the open blanket is placed over the fire to smother the flames. Its strongly recommended that they are mounted on the wall for quick release and deployment. They should preferably be located close to the fire risk area with ease of reach. In areas where there is no space or that will cause an obstruction to mount on the wall, the blanket can be hung on the inside of a cupboard door close to the fire risk area.

They hardly require any maintenance and will only need replacing if the cloth becomes contaminated or it is used. Typically fire blankets cannot be reused if the outer sleeve has had fire damage as oxygen enters making it unusable.

Fire blankets are perfectly suited for use in domestic and commercial kitchens such as restaurants, takeaways, cafe’s as well as offices, schools, hotels, factories, motor homes, caravans and boats.

How It Works?

A fire blanket is a sheet made of a flameproof material which is used to smother the flames of a fire. The fire blanket stops oxygen getting to the fire resulting in the fire being extinguished.

Features & Benefits

✓ Effective on small fires

✓ Ease of use and rapid deployment

✓ Low cost and easy maintenance

✓ Can be used on fire’s that can be smothered or wrapped

What’s Suitable?

Fire blankets are particularly effective on small fires involving both solids and liquids. They can be used on a wide range of fires which include cooking oil, waste bins and clothing. They are also ideal as an added safety precaution for childminders.

The Risks

Before use, you should ensure that you are between the fire and an exit so you are not trapped.

Switch off the heat source and do not remove the blanket from the fire until it has cooled and if used on a fryer, don’t move the fryer until it is cool.

Fire blankets should not be reused once they have been used on a fire, as using again could be ineffective causing  more danger.