Fire Extinguisher Types

There is a potential fire risk everywhere you are, whether it’s at home or in a working environment. This makes it really important to familiarise yourself with what type of fire extinguishers can be used in certain situations. Fire extinguishers have and continue to save lives and it could save yours.

Even with all the information that is released by the fire department, there is still a lot of confusion over the different types of fire extinguishers and the classes of fires they can be used on.

Different types of fire extinguisher can be used on different classes of fire. There are six different classes of fire to take into consideration which are Class A, B, C, D, Electricity and F.

Fire Extinguisher Chart

To help you understand, the chart below shows the types of fire that each type of fire extinguisher is suitable for. Under the old standard (BS 5423), the whole of the extinguisher was painted a colour which identified its use. Now under the new British Standard (BS EN3 part 5), every extinguisher is coloured signal red with a section of colour above the instructions to identify its use.

Fire Extinguisher Class Chart

The Different Types Of Fire Extinguisher

Click on the pictures below to find out about each extinguishers use.

Water Fire Extinguisher Foam Fire ExtinguisherDry Powder Fire ExtinguisherSpecialist Powder Fire Extinguisher CO2 Fire ExtinguisherWet Chemical Fire ExtinguisherAutomatic Fire ExtinguisherFire Blanket