Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Automatic Fire Extinguishers Suitable For Class A, B, C & Electrical FiresAutomatic fire extinguishers are ideal in environments that are constantly unoccupied where immediate fire fighting action needs to be taken.

An automatic extinguisher is hung from the ceiling which is equipped with a sprinkler mechanism and heat sensitive bulb. The bulb shatters and the contents of the extinguisher is dispersed when the temperature goes above 68°C.

There are two automatic extinguishers that are available which are dry powder and FE-36 gas (clean agent).

The dry powder is a stored pressure type of unit with a mixture of dry powder and nitrogen. When the the fire reaches the activation temperature (usually 68°C), it breaks the glass bulb allowing the dry powder to be dispersed under pressure over a wide area.

The FE-36 gas (clean agent) extinguisher is an ozone friendly automatic fire suppression unit. They are expensive in comparison to the dry powder model, but they don’t leave a mess and don’t cause damage to equipment due to them being a gas which is ideal for engines and server rooms.

The FE-36 gas models have replaced the old Halon fixed extinguishers which were banned in 1993 due to their ozone depleting content which contained Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

The common uses for these extinguishers include boats, computer and server rooms, telecommunications, switch rooms, data storage areas and art storage rooms.

How It Works?

When the fire’s temperature reaches 68°C, the bulb glass is activated and shatters that will empty and discharge the contents over a wide area, extinguishing the fire.

The Overall Benefits & Features

✓ Activating on their own, almost the moment a fire starts

✓ They suppress fires before they grow

✓ The most dependable fire protection on the market

✓ They actively protect people

Dry Powder Benefits & Features

✓ Fully refillable

✓ Activation temperature is usually 68°C

✓ Safe to use on electrical equipment

✓ Suitable for Class A, B and C fires

✓ Simple operation and maintenance

✓ Is reliable and has a long life

FE-36 Gas (Clean Agent) Benefits & Features

✓ Zero ozone depletion

✓ Does not leave a residue

✓ No thermal shock

✓ Suitable for Class B, C and electrical fires

✓ Fully refillable

✓ Activation temp is usually 68°C

What’s Suitable?

They are perfect for keeping equipment and remote areas safe from fire hazards and are a cost effective solution compared to an integrated fire alarm system.

FE-36 Gas (Clean Agent) is suitable for automotive, marine, enclosed environments or anywhere requiring an instant extinguishing reaction that are regularly or permanently unmonitored. These include boats, computer and server rooms, engine bays and sensitive machinery.

Dry powder is suitable for marine and vehicle engine compartments that require instant action to extinguish a fire.

Dry powder is unsuitable for use in enclosed spaces such as schools, offices and hotels as the extinguishing agent forms a cloud that can obscure people’s vision and create breathing difficulties.

The Risks

FE-36 Gas has the risk of producing hydrogen fluoride when dispersed on to a fire. Even though it will probably be only small amounts produced, the area should be fully ventilated once the fire is extinguished before anyone enters as it can cause irritation to eyes, nose and throat.

Dry Powder has a limited cooling effect and the fire should be monitored to make sure it does not reignite. Electronic equipment can be damaged by dry powder if there is moisture present as the powder can form into an acidic solution.

Also these extinguishers are not recommended for any area that could be contaminated, for example kitchens.