CO2 Fire Extinguisher

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) fire extinguishers are suitable for Class B fires which involve flammable liquids like petrol and oil and they can also be used on Electrical fires. CO2 gas is non-conductive which means it can be used on or in the vicinity of electrical equipment. It also contains a clean, non-toxic gas which leaves… [Read More]

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Suitable For Class B & Electrical Fires

Fire Blanket

A fire blanket is a simple fire-fighting piece of equipment that’s manufactured in a fire-retardant material, usually glass wool. They are commonly used to tackle small contained fires such as cooking pan fires, small paper fires and barbecues. The larger fire blankets can also be used as a body wrap which is ideal for children… [Read More]

Fire Blanket

How To Use A Fire Extinguisher

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher before the need to use one is vital as there will be no time to read the instructions in the event of a fire. Fire extinguishers are simple to learn and use correctly, but not knowing how to use one could prove fatal. You must firstly determine the… [Read More]

Aim The Fire Extinguisher At The Base Of The Fire

Fire Extinguisher Colour Coding And Signs

Fire extinguishers are identified by their colour codes which should follow the guidance of British Standard 7863. The standard red fire extinguishers are now colour coded to distinguish what type it is. Up until 1997 the whole of the extinguisher body was colour coded to identify the type. Currently British Standard EN3 Part 7 requires… [Read More]

Fire Extinguisher Class Chart

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Regulations

All UK businesses have a legal requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment within their buildings. This is regardless of the size of the building as government guidelines suggest that even a shop with only one room should have a least one powder extinguisher. Nearly all business and non domestic premises have to adhere… [Read More]

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Regulations

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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which came into effect on 1st October 2006 is the principle fire safety legislation for England and Wales. The new legislation requires that all non domestic premises must be assessed for their fire risk along with fire training to be undertaken by a competent person. There are other fire safety legislation that covers specific situations such as British Standards and Codes of Practice.

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